More Background On Susan LaPierre

A reader sends us this link, to some sort of celebrity webpages. The link is humdrum, but a comment added to it is noteworthy. I’ll put a screencap below in case it is made to disappear. The webpage gives her age and location and lists hobbies as “Fishing, Shooting, and Hunting.” The comment is twoContinue reading “More Background On Susan LaPierre”

New Book On NRA’s Problems

Tim Mak, “Misfire: Inside the Downfall of the NRA.” It’s written by an NPR person, so we expected it to be quite anti-gun. I’m only up to page 50, but so far it the bias is only a little visible. It’ll probably worsen farther in. Here’s Frank Tait’s review of the book. “Tim Mak’s book,Continue reading “New Book On NRA’s Problems”

NRA Directors’ Insurance: Board Swindled Again, It’s Worthless

The Ruskies who hacked the NRA headquarters computer and demand payoff have released a second batch of documents, which include files on the NRA’s current and past Directors and Officers insurance. The policies’ contents are pretty shocking, the coverage is simply nonexistent. They’re just paper the leadership could cite and tell directors “Don’t worry, weContinue reading “NRA Directors’ Insurance: Board Swindled Again, It’s Worthless”

NRA: Top-Heavy In Salaries

NRA’s 2019 IRS Form 990 is online (2020 is a few months away). It gives some important insights. Let’s start with the basic function. ILA, the lobbying and political arm, the core function of NRA, was given $27 million total. That’s our starting point. That’s why you pay your dues, or donate. $27 millThe highestContinue reading “NRA: Top-Heavy In Salaries”

Thoughts on NRA’s Personalities

The Vanity Fair article portrays Wayne LaPierre as scatterbrained, easily led about, indecisive, and very weak. From all we have been able to find out, that is a correct depiction. No wonder that he spends (as he testified) 40 weeks of the year on travel, mostly to fundraisers. There he can just give a rehearsedContinue reading “Thoughts on NRA’s Personalities”

NRA’s Legal Team Facing Another Loss

We’ve previously blogged about the eyepopping size of NRA’s legal bills, and how all they’ve gotten for it is a string of legal disasters. We can add another to the list. Word now comes that another of Brewer’s cases (over New York’s failing to exempt firearms dealers from its Covid-19 shutdown) is about to showContinue reading “NRA’s Legal Team Facing Another Loss”

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