NRA Nominating Committee

Only Guns and Money has the report, these are the “approved” candidates for the 2022 election. That means they told the Committee that they were blindly committed to Wayne LaPierre and not inclined to making a stink about graft and corruption. The only good news is that they finally dropped Karl Malone, who hadn’t showedContinue reading “NRA Nominating Committee”

NRA’s Lawyer Responds to Rocky Marshall’s Move To Intervene

Here is the NRA’s opposition to allowing Rocky Marshall to intervene in the suit to dissolve the NRA. Marshall’s arguments included that the court should not dissolve the NRA if it finds that things are corruptly run: it should remove the “leadership” and order new board elections, from which past directors (unless they had triedContinue reading “NRA’s Lawyer Responds to Rocky Marshall’s Move To Intervene”

NRA Legal Bills

Filed as an exhibit, in Rocky Marshall’s motion to intervene (and save NRA) in the New York AG’s case. The Brewer firm’s legal bills to NRA. Breathtaking, most monthly bills exceed $2 million! No wonder that LaPierre fought so hard to stop directors from seeing them. They were being paid millions a month with billsContinue reading “NRA Legal Bills”

NRA Legal Disasters

Word is that the board is being fed rah-rah routines about legal victories, in which major defeats are swept under the rug and wins on minor motions are described as great wins. We tried to compile a full list, probably missed a few, but the truth is that NRA has been spending $40 million orContinue reading “NRA Legal Disasters”

NRA Membership

Here is a chart released to the board: As nearly as I can measure, membership in 2018 (before the scandals hit) was at 5.5 million, which was being announced as the number. It thereafter fell, and by 2021 was at 4.4 million; over a million members had bailed out. The numbers are continuing to fall.Continue reading “NRA Membership”

NRA Members Meeting Aftermath

I may skip dinner, this will spoil anyone’s appetite. From NRA’s Twitter: New NRA president Charles Cotton: “The proceedings in Charlotte were an amazing celebration of NRA fellowship and freedom. Under the direction of Wayne LaPierre, the NRA is strong and secure – well-positioned to chart its course for the future.” An. Amazing. Celebration. of. NRA.Continue reading “NRA Members Meeting Aftermath”


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