NRA Board Elections 2022

Here are the results. It’s obvious that, even after three years, the situation is being successfully hidden from the membership. Of the directors who were deeply involved in it, Marion Hammer comes in No. 3, and Willes Lee at No. 13. The passing of Rep. Don Young and the resignation of Todd Rather mean thatContinue reading “NRA Board Elections 2022”

Hit Piece On Col. West

The defenders of NRA’s corrupt leadership didn’t take long to react. Here is their first hit-piece. The critics are corruption “repeat unproven and spurious allegations about Wayne and then argue that regardless of all he’s done for the association we’d be better off if we just send him packing.” Unproven and spurious? They’ve been provenContinue reading “Hit Piece On Col. West”

NRA Finances 2009-2020

Here’s a useful chart. NRA revenues were increasing, and in 2018, the year things started to be revealed, amounted to $352 million. In 2019 they fell to $291 million and in 2020 to $282 million, a 21% drop in two years.Over 2009-2020 LaPierre’s salary roughly doubled, as did some others. Of the biggest contractors, AckermanContinue reading “NRA Finances 2009-2020”


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