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3 thoughts on “You know you are in trouble when

  1. As long as Wayne L. is associated with the NRA in any way, I will not support the NRA in any way. I think he is a crook and uses the membership money as he sees fit and can get away with.


  2. I’ve been an NRA gold life member for fiddy yeeers, and I’ve got all the stickers on my truck window to show it!

    I’ve responded in panic by mailing a check three times a month with every fearmongering flier Ackerman McQueen (You know, the marketing firm the NRA has spends tens of million$ on?) has sent me, and I’ve got every cheap ass $2 range bag and shitty Chinese pocket knife I’ve whored myself out for to prove it.)

    You see, I don’t give two shits about your right to protect yourself or your right to own whatever you want.

    I’m just a dinosaur that enjoys hob-nobbing with all the other codgers at NRA conventions because I used to duck hunt back in the day and I think my Ruger Red Label and grandpappy’s old flintlock make me an expert on gun rights. (Even though I’ll support Red Flag laws, increased background checks, and other infringements because I’ve swallowed the Kool-Aid and want to appear as if I’m a “responsible gun owner”.

    I look down my nose at younger generations and all their scary “activism” because if it isn’t about shotguns and duck hunting, it’s too violent and angry for my antique world view. I’d never consider sending a dime to Gun Owners of America or any state based firearms coalition or local activist group fighting state and local laws they are familiar with.

    So I’ll continue telling everyone I support the 2nd Amendment only to pad my own conscience and keep donating to Wayne LaPierre’s personal slush fund now that his salary has ballooned up to an ungodly sum for the rest of his life regardless of his involvement with the NRA. Maybe my money can help pay Ackerman McQueen’s fees for all the cheap trinkets they use to buy me off so Wayne can enjoy his private jet.


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