Another Case of a Vendor Giving Presents to the LaPierres

sNew story: when the LaPierres went on an African safari (financed by Under Wild Skies, an Ackerman-controlled company, and certainly billed to NRA) Tony Makris, head of Under Wild Skies, paid thousands to have their trophies shipped back. There were also arrangements to ship the trophies under another name — none of us has beenContinue reading “Another Case of a Vendor Giving Presents to the LaPierres”

NRA’s Budget Squeezed By Legal Costs

Here’s a story from Bloomberg (take it with a spoonful of salt, but their numbers are probably reliable). “The National Rifle Association racked up $22 million in legal costs in the first five months of 2021, on pace to surpass the record $40 million spent for all of last year, even as efforts to match its 2020Continue reading “NRA’s Budget Squeezed By Legal Costs”

NRA Continues Its Decline

Two indicators, which NRA’s leadership is concealing from the board. First, the annual meeting is coming up in six weeks, and half of the NRA exhibit hall booths have been rented out. Some former exhibitors have turned down the offer, others are still debating it. They expect attendance to be under half its usual, andContinue reading “NRA Continues Its Decline”

The board continues to play the role of sheep

Here’s an article, supposedly by director David Coy, but surely ghostwritten by NRA’s law firm, and emailed to the board, telling all how things are actually going well. I hope that no one believes this tripe. Yes, Chuck Schumer called for NRA to be investigated for bankruptcy fraud. Yes, that’s BS. NRA laid it allContinue reading “The board continues to play the role of sheep”

Insurer Refuses to Renew NRA Directors’ Errors and Omissions Insurance

Lloyd’s of London has refused to renew NRA director’s E & O policy, when it expires in two months. NRA has responded by creating a special (and inadequate) fund from members’ money to tide it over until it can find someone, somewhere, who is willing to issue coverage. That it was Lloyd’s to begin withContinue reading “Insurer Refuses to Renew NRA Directors’ Errors and Omissions Insurance”

NY AG’s Motion to Dismiss (more)

More: “Fraud and Illegal Conduct Are Not Protected By the First Amendment. The NRA fails to support its Retaliation Counterclaims with allegations of any protected conduct at issue. The NRA does not contend, and could not, that the conduct at issue in this Action—misrepresentations, fraud, self-dealing, looting of charitable assets, waste, false filings— is protected.Continue reading “NY AG’s Motion to Dismiss (more)”

New York AG’s Motion to Dismiss

In the suit to dissolve the NRA, the NRA filed a counter-suit, claiming the NY AG’s suit was based on persecuting the NRA for political reasons. The NY AG has moved to dismiss, and the motion is blistering. A few selections: “The NRA’s Counterclaims are the most recent in a series of attempts – allContinue reading “New York AG’s Motion to Dismiss”

New York Suit — LaPierre’s Answer

Here it is, online. [For older posts, click “blog” in top menu] The footnote on pages 1-2 is funny. “In addition, Mr. LaPierre denies that “The National Rifle Association of America, Inc.”, named in the caption as the lead Defendant and referred to repeatedly throughout the Complaint, actually exists, and objects to the use of the name “TheContinue reading “New York Suit — LaPierre’s Answer”

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