Frank Tait Not Elected (For Now, Anyway)

We’ve been passed an email from Frank Tait, saying he has been notified that he was not elected to the NRA board, but will be running for the 76th director, who is elected by voting members who attend and vote at the annual meeting. He won’t have much competition. The 76th director must be electedContinue reading “Frank Tait Not Elected (For Now, Anyway)”

NRA Museum — Not Good News

After being closed for two years, supposedly due to Covid (in fact, state and country restrictions were lifted about a year ago), the main National Firearms Museum has reopened. We’d written about concerns that the museum’s collections were being looted and sold off, and how a former curator who’d loaned guns to the museum wasContinue reading “NRA Museum — Not Good News”

Hit Piece On Col. West

The defenders of NRA’s corrupt leadership didn’t take long to react. Here is their first hit-piece. The critics are corruption “repeat unproven and spurious allegations about Wayne and then argue that regardless of all he’s done for the association we’d be better off if we just send him packing.” Unproven and spurious? They’ve been provenContinue reading “Hit Piece On Col. West”

Call To Draft Allen West As NRA EVP/CEO

It’s disclosed at The Reload, as its name suggests, a pro-gun blog. West himself is a retired Lt. Colonel and former NRA director who called for LaPierre’s resignation and reform. As he said three years ago, as the scandals and coverups were being revealed, “There is a cabal of cronyism operating within the NRA andContinue reading “Call To Draft Allen West As NRA EVP/CEO”

Second Amended Complaint Filed In NY Suit

Yesterday, the NY Attorney General filed a second amended complaint, which shifts the focus of her case and makes some new allegations. We’ve only had time to skim it (it’s over 170 pages long). It no longer seeks to dissolve NRA as a corporation. Hurrah! It does set out some new legal theories under theContinue reading “Second Amended Complaint Filed In NY Suit”

New York Lawsuit Discovery Fight

The latest filing is a fight over whether the NY Attorney General can obtain a legal memo regarding preparation of NRA’s 990 tax return. Though it’s never mentioned, the best guess would that it regards the language inserted into the return admitting to Wayne LaPierre’s use of NRA funds to fly on corporate jets toContinue reading “New York Lawsuit Discovery Fight”

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