Given All The Corruption, This Is Small Change, But . . .

NRA’s IRS 990 for 2020. The highest NRA officials were leasing vehicles and charging them to NRA. (Probably not keeping track of business vs. personal mileage, as the IRS requires.) Not only that, but at the end of the lease, when you can buy at a favorable price, they were doing just that, and resellingContinue reading “Given All The Corruption, This Is Small Change, But . . .”

Under Wild Skies Wins Against NRA

Under Wild Skies is a corporation and NRA vendor, whose function was to send NRA officials (LaPierre’s own hunt was a disaster) on free safaris, then bill the costs to NRA. UWS wasn’t owned by Ackerman McQueen, it was a separate corporation, but all or most of its board were Ackerman/Mercury Group staffers, whom weContinue reading “Under Wild Skies Wins Against NRA”

Info From September NRA Board Meeting

It was held last Saturday, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Tyson’s Corner, in the suburbs of D.C. It was the shortest board meeting in anyone’s recall, adjourning after barely three hours. It was also one of the most poorly-attended; only 40 of the 75 directors bothered to show up. Attendance was even worse among theContinue reading “Info From September NRA Board Meeting”

Nominating Committee Actions

We’ve received reports that the Nominating Committee rejected not only Frank Tait, Rocky Marshall and Judge Journey, but also Graham Hill, an intelligent director who’d been on the board for about ten years. Hill is a first-rate attorney with knowledge of government and political issues. He’s served as chairman of Legislative Policy Committee, and vice-chairContinue reading “Nominating Committee Actions”

Yet another loss in court for Brewer and NRA

We’ve blogged before of the remarkable, almost 100%, losing record of the Brewer firm in representing NRA. Here’s one list we made of the losses. Here’s an addition to it. Now we can add one more to the list. When he was forced out, ILA head Chris Cox signed a contract with NRA. Some conflictContinue reading “Yet another loss in court for Brewer and NRA”

More Info on LaPierre “Golden Parachute”

A filing in the New York lawsuit shows how it began in December 2013 and steadily grew more lucrative until the last document in April 2018. This is not just a retirement golden parachute, this is one trimmed with diamonds. 2013: $1 to $1.1 million per year for five years, upon retirement. Total of $5.4Continue reading “More Info on LaPierre “Golden Parachute””

NRA Membership, Finances Continue To Decline

In 2021, the pro-gun website The Reload posted on NRA’s finances for that year, and it was grim. Revenue had dropped sharply, while legal expenses were exploding, rising to $31 million, or 20% of NRA’s entire budget. Things have no improved; they have probably declined, since then. The organization only occasionally mentions its membership numbers,Continue reading “NRA Membership, Finances Continue To Decline”

NY Attorney General Responds To Second, No, Third Motion To Dismiss

The 35 page response takes a time to read. It argues that NY can properly sue to have a compliance monitor (a receiver, by another name, to monitor the organization’s use of its members’ money) and a governance expert (to keep an eye on things generally). Major points follow: “In doing so, the Court acknowledgedContinue reading “NY Attorney General Responds To Second, No, Third Motion To Dismiss”

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