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Yet Another LaPierre Deposition

This looks like the first of them, in the bankruptcy case. P. 25: goes into his remark that he wouldn’t hire General Counsel John Frazer to handle a traffic ticket: he admits saying it, but says it was a joke. P. 26: he doesn’t know if attorney Brewer bills his leased jet flights to NRA.Continue reading “Yet Another LaPierre Deposition”

Deposition (Partial) of Treasurer Sonya Rowling

Sonya Rowling became NRA treasurer after Woody Phillips resigned and his successor, the honest Craig Spray, was let go. Here are portions of her deposition. Major points: P. 67: Gayle Stanford acted as LaPierre’s person travel agent and booked his leased corporate jets. Stanford billed NRA on invoices that did not attach the airplane manifestContinue reading “Deposition (Partial) of Treasurer Sonya Rowling”

Deposition Of John Frazer, Part Two

This is the second part of his deposition. Mostly boring, with answers of “I don’t know,” but significant parts: P. 529 and following: NRA paid to fly director Jim Porter to Argentina and Italy (with a suggestion he flew first-class), and also NRA Foundation top dog Wayne Sheets to Argentina, to solicit a donor duringContinue reading “Deposition Of John Frazer, Part Two”

Deposition of John Frazer

Part one. Frazer is both Secretary and General Counsel to NRA. Major points: 138: Mrs. LaPierre’s niece was employed by NRA and also by Associated TV, run by David McKenzie. 144: To Frazer’s knowledge, Audit Committee has only rejected one proposed contract with a “related party.” 149: Mrs. LaPierre vacationed on McKenzie’s yacht when LaPierreContinue reading “Deposition of John Frazer”

Woody Phillips’ Deposition In Bankruptcy Case

Wilson “Woody” Phillips was NRA’s treasurer since the early 1990s, so he held that position, and ultimate power over its funds, for around a quarter century. He was one of LaPierre’s early hires, despite the fact that Phillips had been fired from his last job for embezzling nearly a million dollars. (Maybe it wasn’t “despite,”Continue reading “Woody Phillips’ Deposition In Bankruptcy Case”

Rocky Marshall Take On NRA’s Financial Situation

This in from Rocky Marshall, former NRA director and first-rate businessman who knows a LOT about finance and company survival:  The Late Great National Rifle Association R.I.P. by Former NRA Director Rocky Marshall  To NRA Members: IT IS OVER!  The NRA’s financials are spiraling rapidly towards insolvency, and the future appears bleak for the survivabilityContinue reading “Rocky Marshall Take On NRA’s Financial Situation”

One Corner NRA Won’t Cut

We’ve blogged before on David McKenzie, alias Stanton, who’s given the LaPierres stays on his yacht and funded their Caribbean vacations. There are plenty of stories on it. See here and here and here (paragraphs 173 – 175). McKenzie operates a number of companies that are funded, to the tune of tens of millions, byContinue reading “One Corner NRA Won’t Cut”