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NY Lawsuit: Court Ruling

Here is today’s main ruling. The court strikes 13 of NRAs affirmative defenses, plus several by the individual defendants. In separate rulings, the court denied Josh Powell and Woody Phillips’ motions to dismiss. Looking at NRA’s Answer, the defenses that the court struck included: All claims relating to the First Amendment and the NY AttorneyContinue reading “NY Lawsuit: Court Ruling”

Col. Willis Lee on the NRA

At last month’s annual meeting, Willis Lee was 1st Vice President, president Charles Cotton was term-limited, and so Lee would have been elected president by the board. That didn’t happen, our best guess is that Lee was seen as “unreliable” by NRA’s “leadership” — that is, he wasn’t 100% blindly loyal, and they expect 100%Continue reading “Col. Willis Lee on the NRA”

Pondering Events Of Last Board Meeting

There was one shocker. Willis Lee, 1st VP, with president Charles Cotton being term-limited, should have become president. Reports have it he was blind-sided by what happened — first, Bylaws and Resolutions passed a bylaw amendment to let Cotton serve a third term, and then Nominating Committee un-nominated him, either for presidency or 1st VP.Continue reading “Pondering Events Of Last Board Meeting”

DC Suit Against NRA Foundation

NRA Foundation is a DC corporation, and the DC Attorney General has challenged its actions in deciding to lend several million to NRA itself. The argument is that most of the Foundation’s directors are also NRA directors, and so have a conflict of interest when the two entities have dealings. As NRA directors, they mustContinue reading “DC Suit Against NRA Foundation”

NRA’s Directors’ Liability Insurance

We’ve posted on the subject in the past. A nonprofit’s directors are legally liable whenever they fall short in their fiduciary duties to the organization, the duty to put the organization’s interests first. With NRA, we’re talking about a once big organization that is now facing insolvency and disaster, not to mention a big lawsuit,Continue reading “NRA’s Directors’ Liability Insurance”

Frank Tait Letter To The Board

Frank Tait gained a temporary seat when Dave Butts passed away; his term ends tomorrow, with the directors’ meeting after the annual meeting. He sent a letter to the other members of the board, which Only Guns and Money discusses. The letter is insightful, which means most won’t read it; they might learn what theyContinue reading “Frank Tait Letter To The Board”