NRA’s Lawyer Responds to Rocky Marshall’s Move To Intervene

Here is the NRA’s opposition to allowing Rocky Marshall to intervene in the suit to dissolve the NRA. Marshall’s arguments included that the court should not dissolve the NRA if it finds that things are corruptly run: it should remove the “leadership” and order new board elections, from which past directors (unless they had triedContinue reading “NRA’s Lawyer Responds to Rocky Marshall’s Move To Intervene”

Burst of Subpoenas in Suit to Dissolve NRA

The Attorney General has asked the court to issue subpoenas for documents to a number of businesses, most of which have a business address at the NRA headquarters, or its nearby building, on Waples Mill Road in Fairfax. The businesses are: Allegiance Creative Group, ASPIS Protection Services, Concord Social and Public Relations LLC, Member MarketingContinue reading “Burst of Subpoenas in Suit to Dissolve NRA”

NRA Staff “Top Concerns” Memo

A major event in the beginning of the controversy over internal corruption came when NRA Treasurer “Woody” Phillips left suddenly in 2017, and the inexplicable decision was made to hire an honest Treasurer, Craig Spray. Several employees who were deeply concerned about what was going on wrote a “Top Concerns” memo for the Audit Committee,Continue reading “NRA Staff “Top Concerns” Memo”

NRA Members Meeting Aftermath

I may skip dinner, this will spoil anyone’s appetite. From NRA’s Twitter: New NRA president Charles Cotton: “The proceedings in Charlotte were an amazing celebration of NRA fellowship and freedom. Under the direction of Wayne LaPierre, the NRA is strong and secure – well-positioned to chart its course for the future.” An. Amazing. Celebration. of. NRA.Continue reading “NRA Members Meeting Aftermath”

2021 Members’ and Board Meetings

I counted about 120 members attending, just barely a quorum (100). It was probably the smallest members’ meeting in the last century. There was easily space for 300-400, so we have to wonder why the sign-up webpage was turning people away with the claim all seats had been taken. Did the webpage operator just setContinue reading “2021 Members’ and Board Meetings”

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