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NRA Continues Its Decline

Two indicators, which NRA’s leadership is concealing from the board.

First, the annual meeting is coming up in six weeks, and half of the NRA exhibit hall booths have been rented out. Some former exhibitors have turned down the offer, others are still debating it. They expect attendance to be under half its usual, and are unwilling to invest in renting and fitting out a booth. Nonprofits see no reason to pay good money to be associated with the NRA brand these days. Second Amendment Foundation has declined the invitation. Measures will surely be taken to conceal the emptiness of the exhibit hall, such as multiplying the NRA’s own booths and making the aisles wider.

Second, the headquarters building is being allowed to deteriorate. Rain is penetrating the roof, sometimes pooling on the floor and running through passages through floors to soak lower stories. Most of the surviving employees are still working from home, so this is a building that has largely been unoccupied for over a year, and over two summers. Likely a major mold problem will follow, if it isn’t there already. There is money enough for tens of millions in legal fees, but no money to fix the headquarters roof.

3 thoughts on “NRA Continues Its Decline

  1. “Mold problem”. Deja vu. The excuse the scumbags used for vacating and then fire-selling the beautiful old DC headquarters while overpaying for the Eddie Spread-Eagle Virginia palace was “asbestos”. Another corrupt sweetheart fire sale coming? Will the treasurer be porking one of the realtors this time? Will another realtor be related to NRA counsel again?

    Those who want to save NRA better be planning to force it back into bankruptcy, with a trustee, as I have outlined. Otherwise, bet on NY dissolving it and giving the liquidated net assets to Everytown and other “gun safety” groups.

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