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NY Judge Refuses to Allow Intervention

The judge in the NY Attorney General’s suit to dissolve the NRA has refused to allow Frank Tait and another member to intervene as parties. But he said the members’ cause needed to be heard, and he would consider other ways of letting them participate. There was a report of a director going to join in, which would have helped their motion a lot, but it sounds like there is still a chance that he will come in.

Tait’s participation is vital. He would be able to argue that the court should punish the offending leaders but spare the organization, don’t turn over the assets, contributed by the members, to other organizations which they may not support. Nobody else will be making this point. Brewer, nominally representing the NRA as a corporation, should be making that argument, but since LaPierre signs his firm’s paychecks, isn’t going to. So the choice given the court would be, sink the organization and LaPierre, or rule that LaPierre did nothing wrong, which is obviously not the situation.

12 thoughts on “NY Judge Refuses to Allow Intervention

  1. I donated $1000 to this, though I knew it was a forlorn hope. Not even a “thank you” for a month after I donated, and then only after I asked the attorneys if they got the check. Never heard from the plaintiffs.

    I reminded our side that the b/k dismissal was without prejudice, advised them to figure out how to get it back into b/k with an examiner AND a trustee at least as a fallback position, told them where to start looking. e.g.:

    * Every life member is a creditor due to the lifetime magazine subscription.

    * Some large donors have contracts that will be dishonored if NRA goes poof.

    Both these were ignored by the incompetent Journey team, despite having been advised by major donors. They left dozens of kill-shots on the table, yapped about Eddie Eagle instead, never asked for a trustee.

    “We don’t think that’s the way to go.” Might as well have been talking to a wall. I won’t be donating again.

    The 2A cause is probably better off if NRA vanishes anyway, even though its net liquidated assets will probably go to Bloomberg “gun safety” groups. NRA and its leadership and culture are just too corrupt to fix.


  2. Agree completely with the previous comment. The Journey Atty’s are on the Wiki page for incompetence. Just as NRA should get after the BR Lawer for legal malpractice, so should Journey and his associates recover their legal fees from their hideous lawyers.


    1. A lawyer-judge claiming to be a poor victim of legal malpractice? He hired them. And he himself dismissed the advice of his major donors, being sure his plan was foolproof: He believed filing first ensured being heard first, he believed the court was going let him appoint the new board, he had no fallback plan to call for a trustee, etc. His donors are the ones with a beef.


  3. Would it be possible to establish a website for members to give Tait our proxies or authorization to intervene on our behalf. A petition to intervene supported by thousands of members might have more weight than a petition by 2.

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  4. Well its all up to the kind and tender mercies of the judge; not a good place to be in.

    Mike’s suggestion is a good one, but likely too little and too late. That should have been initiated early and vigorously promoted, the effort exclusively focused on the essential issues requesting the intervention sans 99% of the specifying, whining and finger pointing that has characterized the weakest to the worst responses & impressions of the membership.

    But that comes full circle to the original problem, the utter incapability of motivating and than mobilizing the membership to take ACTION! ACTION! ACTION! As Steve Bannon would have warned, all NRA members did was to magnify worthless “noise” by participating and creating forums for members to rent their idiotic and senseless spleens. Some may claim a few did, but in fact they did not. Speechifying is about as useful as tits on a boar hog, its not Organizing! Organizing! And Organizing the base to take effective action.

    Unfortunately that requires hard and all too often unrecognized commitment and work.


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