Article on Wayne LaPierre

Here is an article on LaPierre’s history and personality, that agrees with all we have been able to find out. It’s from the author of a book due for release on November 2. As one of our attorney friends put it, “Wayne hasn’t had an original idea since we promoted him in 1991.”

The image of LaPierre as a great leader is a fiction created by Ackerman-McQueen, back when they saw him as an easily-manipulated meal ticket, a guarantee of tens of millions of dollars per year, and so they wanted to make him irreplaceable. They failed to reflect that creating an easily manipulated man who cannot be overthrown has a downside. A new and better manipulator can arrive, convince him to get rid of you, and then scoop up those tens of millions for himself.

The real tragedy for NRA is that it had a board which could, in a single day, switch from “Ackerman and McQueen must not be put in question” to “Ackerman and McQueen was evil incarnate, and Bill Brewer the prophet who will save us from them.” They switched the organization from one $40 million a year parasite to another, without hesitation. Whatever LaPierre’s current manipulator wanted, they would give him. Purge the president and first VP — done. Purge a large segment of the board — sure! Get rid of the head of ILA and the board’s own attorney — must be done! Divert tens of millions — your wish is our command. File for bankruptcy without board’s authorization — don’t worry, we’ll ratify it, and shout down Journey when he objects. Bankruptcy dismissed, believe that was a good thing — certainly, we must all change our beliefs now.

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