Document List In NY Case

The NY Attorney General has filed this list of documents she has obtained so far. Over 100,000. Not pages, documents. From NRA itself (or its Foundation, via the suit in D.C.), approximately 40,000. From NRA directors 6,500. Banks, 20,000. Ackerman McQueen, 19,000. HWS Consulting (Wayne Sheet’s company, which got a BIG consulting contract after he retired), 100. McKenna and Associates (the vendor whose owner let the LaPierres stay on his yacht), 5,000. Woody Phillips 2,600. Ready to Roll Transportation (which rents limos and “black cars” with drivers), 220. Pearl, Meyer, and Partners (the firm that advised on executive salaries, and for whose report the board did not wait before giving everyone big raises), 220. RSM US, NRA’s new tax consultant and outside auditor, 21,000. Chris Cox, 3,000.

Plus indications she (or the D.C. Attorney General) have taken testimony from quite a few people, including Charles Cotton and David Coy (chair and vice-chair of the Audit Committee), Wayne Sheets (former head of the Foundation, and recipient of a lucrative consulting contract), Millie Hallow, Carolyn Meadows, and John Frazer.

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