NRA Finances 2009-2020

Here’s a useful chart. NRA revenues were increasing, and in 2018, the year things started to be revealed, amounted to $352 million. In 2019 they fell to $291 million and in 2020 to $282 million, a 21% drop in two years.Over 2009-2020 LaPierre’s salary roughly doubled, as did some others. Of the biggest contractors, Ackerman was drawing up to $32 million a year, and that of course vanished in 2020, but then Bill Brewer came on the scene, and has drawn $62 million over three years. Membership Marketing Partners (whose own gives LaPierres those stays on his yacht) has drawn $65 million in the six years it is reported. Infocision has been paid $241 million over eleven years.

We couldn’t get the second page to convert to .jpg, but it shows income to directors. The top three were Oliver North, via Ackerman, paid $2.3 million, Marion Hammer paid $2 million, and Dave Butz, paid $1.5 million, the latter two over 11 years.

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