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LaPierre Letter To Board vs. Millie Hallow Deposition

At the time the scandals were revealed in 2019, Wayne LaPierre sent a letter to the NRA board. In it, he said that Ollie North had made a phone call to Millie Howell, and it spelled out the phone call. North said he called “to relay the contents of a letter drafted by AM,” Ackerman McQueen. North said he’d been told by director Dan Boren that “unless I resigned as the Executive Vice President of the Association, Ackerman would transmit this allegedly damaging letter to the entire NRA board…. (following bolded in original letter) But then Col. North explained that the letter would not be sent — if I were to resign as Executive Vice President. And, if I supported Col. North’s continued tenure as president, he stated he could “negotiate” an “excellent retirement for me. After Col. North concluded his telephone call with me, others informed me that I needed to withdraw the NRA lawsuit against AM or be smeared.” It goes on to say that North had financial ties to AM, and that North’s phone call was ” a threat meant to intimidate and divide us.”

We found Millie Hallows’s deposition. On p. 165 she starts to discuss what happened that day. Boren, not North, called her, while she was in an officers’ meeting. Boren said there would be “bad allegations” coming out unless LaPierre resigned (p. 167). She told LaPierre of the AM accusations and he said “that bastard Angus McQueen!” and left the room. She asked VP Childress (who like everyone in the room had heard them) if LaPierre should resign, and he indicated yes, she asked Col. North the same and he only said “not today.” (p. 169-170).

Later, around lunchtime, while Hallow was with LaPierre, she received a call from Col. North. (p. 180-181). He said that Boren had read the AM letter to him; she asked if North wanted a copy, he said no, he didn’t want anything with the AM letterhead on it. He listed the accusations. He said he was president and could help Wayne, get x months for Wayne (to retire). (p. 184-186). “Q. Did Oliver North ever tell you that he wanted Wayne LaPierre to resign? A. Never.” (p. 197). She did not have the impression North had talked with anyone at AM. (p. 197-198).

She later was given a statement drafted by Josh Powell, telling Col. North that he had delivered messages “on behalf of yourself and Ackerman McQueen,” (a fabrication, but one that could be shown to the board) and that the Nominating Committee would not re-nominate him. (p. 207-208).

According to Hallow’s testimony, the letter LaPierre sent to the board is false. North didn’t call to relay a letter from Ackerman, he refused even to see a copy of their letter, the only statement to that effect was created by Josh Powell, LaPierre’s chief of staff. North didn’t ask LaPierre to support North’s own candidacy in exchange, and there was no request to withdraw the suit against Ackerman. The only truthful statement in the LaPierre letter to the board is that North said if LaPierre resigned, North would ensure he had a good retirement package — something that would have spared NRA a lot of pain and danger.

BTW, Hallow also admitted to diverting NRA money for her son’s wedding (p. 140) (reportedly tens of thousands were involved) and felt that LaPierre approved it (p. 148), discussed going with LaPierre on NRA-financed cruise ships (p. 90-92), and admitted using rented car (and driver) services, with LaPierre approval (p. 149-151).

2 thoughts on “LaPierre Letter To Board vs. Millie Hallow Deposition

  1. I never did care for “Dallas”, “Falcon Crest”, even “Melrose Place”. But at least their scandals seemed sexier. I guess the wealthy and powerful are different from the simple folk in this way: What kind of leverage? How much leverage? Do we have counter-leverage? …ugh….
    And I wasn’t in then, but who wants to pay for someone else’s wedding?! Not even the Sultans of Brunei or Jeff Bezos of the world.
    Thank you for reading, consuming, and giving us these “tl;dr” versions. May you never run out of Pepto Bismol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So it turns out that those of us who, back in 2019, defended Ollie North, and suggested that his actions and motives were being unfairly distorted and spun by Wayne LaPierre, were wrong.
    Wayne wasn’t twisting North’s words and actions, he was making them up almost completely.
    Why do NRA Directors refuse to look at the actual evidence and realize that Wayne has been blatantly lying to them, that Brewer is a disaster of an attorney, sucking money from NRA like a vampire on the neck of a beautiful virgin, and that Letitia James’ politically-motivated lawsuit is based on solid ground and is going to go hard against LaPierre, the NRA, and quite possibly against individual officers and directors for their willful failure to fulfill their fiduciary obligations to the Association and its members?
    Come on guys… This is Millie, directly refuting LaPierre’s initial defense claims. And she gave this testimony — under oath — back in 2020 while she was still employed, not last week after she was no longer Wayne’s house mother.
    The cognitive dissonance among Board Members is truly astounding.


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