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Yet Another LaPierre Deposition

This looks like the first of them, in the bankruptcy case.

P. 25: goes into his remark that he wouldn’t hire General Counsel John Frazer to handle a traffic ticket: he admits saying it, but says it was a joke.

P. 26: he doesn’t know if attorney Brewer bills his leased jet flights to NRA.

P. 32: he holds NRA to “high ethical standards.” (LOL!)

P. 40-41: he can’t remember his own cell phone number.

P. 73: he’s stressed NRA’s “compliance seminars” for employees, but has never attended one.

P. 90: former treasurer Woody Phillips is still being paid hundreds of thousands by NRA, he doesn’t know why.

P. 99-100: a member donated two hunting trips to NRA, he can’t say whether an officer or director might have taken them.

P. 102: $2-3 million was transferred from ILA to NRA. (ILA is a subdivision of NRA, but they keep separate financial books, because ILA is funded solely by member donations meant for political purposes. There were rumors that one of the reason Chris Cox was let go was because he was asked for money and pointed this out).

P. 120. His billing NRA for leased corporate jets on trips when only his wife or her niece was present was a problem, so it was decided he’d repay the $300,000 spent this way, which for tax purposes was treated as “excess benefits.” After this was disclosed on a form 990, he discussed with with many directors. “A lot of them just shook their heads about this.”

P. 120 on: discusses trips with wife to Super Bowl, NBA All Star game, Safari Club, etc. Apparently by leased jets.

P. 148-153: he knew of Oliver North’s arrangements with Ackerman-McQueen. (At time time when North was purged, the claim was that LaPierre and others knew nothing of these).

P. 155: Leased jet flight DC to Van Nuys and return, with unnamed guests. Over Memorial Day weekend. Might have flown with Tyler Schropp. Cost $65,468. P. 163: it was to meet with David Stanton, owner of MMP and Associated TV, both NRA vendors.

P. 168-169: Same to Nassau, in the Bahamas, with wife, her niece, and niece’s husband.

P. 170-171: Other trips to Santa Fe, and to NASCAR event in Miami, cost $18,835. Plus more to Dallas Safari Club, Weatherby Gala, Starkey Weekend Gala.

P. 187: he speaks of NRA’s “100%” review of compliance, but never checked out billings on Woody’s Phillips’ NRA AMEX card.

P. 189. Ackerman-McQueen loaned him one of their AMEX cards to cover his trip to Italy.

P. 193-94: he billed NRA for mosquito control at his home, since the bugs were bothering his security detail.

P. 198: Millie Hallow is still working for NRA, though he cannot remember her job title.

P. 198-208: she billed her son’s wedding to NRA via her AMEX card. Tony Macarench and Josh Powell told him this. He knew they didn’t like her, so when she denied it he “just assumed” it was their backbiting. She was recently told to repay it or be fired. “I thought that sent her message enough.” She’s still employed at NRA (at the time of the deposition) and at the same salary. He talked with Carolyn Meadows, Charles Cotton, and Willis Lee about this, and they agreed it was enough.

P. 209: in 2020, NRA paid Bill Brewer’s law form $15-20 million. (Actual figure, from the 2020 IRS 990, was nearly $24 million. That the CEO can be off by millions here speaks for itself).

P. 212: he made decision on bankruptcy filing, after consulting with the “Special Litigation Committee. Can’t explain why, when the SLC was created because he had a conflict of interest (being named as a defendant in the New York lawsuit), this wasn’t a conflict of interest.

P. 228: NRA sent $5 million to Brewer’s firm trust account, to cover costs of bankruptcy case.

P. 235: he didn’t tell treasurer Craig Spray about plans to file for bankruptcy. Has not talked to him since filing.

P. 238: clarifies that he talked to him on the phone. (At the time, it was announced that Spray resigned for health reasons, which Spray denied, said LaPierre just called him and said NRA was moving in a new direction — suggesting that Spray wasn’t part of that direction). New version of story: Spray was disabled by heart attack, wasn’t functional full-time, LaPierre just meant that the new direction meant a full-timer.

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6 thoughts on “Yet Another LaPierre Deposition

  1. Refer P235: one would think that if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, the first persons you would consult with would be the CFO and treasurer.

    But then nobody ever accused WLP of being smart….

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  2. “He talked with Carolyn Meadows, Charles Cotton, and Willis Lee about this, and they agreed it was enough.”

    Have these three been deposed? Obviously they are a big part of the problem.

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  3. Minimum: NRA BoD needs to search their consciences and “move in a new direction” without WLP & Wife, Millie The Moocher, Woody “Peckerwood” Phillips, and any of the other dirty laundry.
    More than Minimum: Bylaws have gotta be changed to safeguard against future corrupt debacles, such as the Reign Of Wayne. Frank Tait has some suggestions.
    Maximum: Of course after due process, and found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, Wayne and The Rest get tailored for orange jumpsuits.

    I guess that cinches it, with NRA dipping into the ILA for funds. Sorry Jason Ouimet, no soup from me for you, you understand, until the NRA 2.0 rebuild and reboot
    (maybe there should only be an ILA and PVF in D.C. I’m guessing all state affiliates are separate, wisely so if so, from NRA-national?. I’m also wondering if the USCCA can take over the ‘Education and Training’ and their associated tasks and materials?)

    Well, off to my safe space with some blood pressure medication….


    1. good perspective on state affiliations impact! per your comment regarding USCCA, after reviewing their website, it appears they would have to significantly change their business model from specifically ‘conceal carry’ modality to encompassing all types of firearm training to the level E&T used to do…[last several years the current mantra from the section/division is ‘…we’re short handed and not sure when/if we’ll get to it!’]
      ps: you need to share the BP meds…


  4. I think that everyone is missing the point. From the way things look, by the end of the year, there will not be an NRA, at least not in the current form. Whether or not that is a bad thing, remains to be seen.
    It is for sure that getting rid of the current leadership, including the entire board, is a very good thing. If the NRA can be resurrected like a Phoenix out of the ashes that are leftover after Wayne and his cronies finish burning the entire once proud organization to the ground, it must be with a completely different set of by-laws and a new charter in a better state.
    Personally I would prefer to see a state more centrally located in the lower 48, to make it easier for members to visit the various museums, gatherings, etc. But it could be in any state that not only is gun friendly, but appears as if it will remain gun friendly for the long haul. That is why I am leery of Texas, with the continual influx of refugees from California, it continues to become more liberal as time goes by.
    Another thing that must be done is to change the entire way that the governance of the group would be, if it continues. A 76 member board is too unwieldy and bloated for it to be effective. Perhaps 15 or so serious board members, responsible to certain geographical areas, as a representative, the same way that our governments are, in order to give the membership a voice during the year when we do not have a convention. If we must pay our board members, to allow them to have the time necessary to devote to the job and doing it right, so be it. But all of this is at the moment wishful thinking. As it stands, from what we seem to be seeing, things look pretty dim as far as coming out with much of anything left to build on. But we can’t let it get us down. An entire nation was started on less, and if the NRA is meant to be, then it will be able to continue, but not the way it was. I don’t see too many people who want that, other than WLP supporters, and it is likely that they could follow him to a very small playpen.


    1. Pigpen wrote: “I would prefer to see a state more centrally located in the lower 48, to make it easier for members to visit the various museums.”
      Silly pig. You imagine that there will be gun museums after Bill Brewer and Wayne LaPierre get done with this?
      “Rules” have been changed so as to allow Wayne to sell off guns that were donated to the NRA, and the new “rules” allow Wayne to spend the money from the sell-off however he wants to spend it. And the biggest bill these days is from Bill Brewer — who is using his “service to the NRA” to bleed the NRA dry of every last dime.


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