Day six of hearings, Part four

Then came former NRA treasurer “Woody” Phillips, who testified by deposition, and set a record for taking the Fifth Amendment.

            Age 72. Began work with NRA 1992. Had interview and was hired. Retired, 4thq 2018.

            Did you sign a separation agt? “I decline to answer based on the privilege accorded me by 5thamendment of the US Constitution.” (after this, I’ll just use “decline” for this phrase).

            Whose idea was it you enter into consulting contract? Decline.

            Exhibit B. Ever see document? Decline to answer.

            Final pages, your signature? I decline to answer.

            Was business case analysis performed? Decline to answer.

            Who is Pete Brownell? President then. Who is Carolyn Meadows? She signed it also.

            Negotiate terms? I decline to answer.

            Goes into effect Dec 2018 but executed months earlier. I decline to answer.

            Says you will coordinate with EVP and others to cultivate high donors, etc. You provide any of those services? I decline to answer.

            Ever provide an invoice? Decline to answer.

            LaPierre was aware of contract? Decline. Craig Spray? Decline. Ever get paid? Decline to answer.

            This contract still in effect? Decline to answer.

            Spoken to LaPierre since retired? Yes. How many? Once or twice during first quarter. What speak about? Decline to answer.

            Know Gayle Stanford? Arrange travel for EVP.

            Anyone else arrange travel? Yes. Who? Don’t know. Another agency is used by most employees.

            How did you come to do business with Stanford? Decline to answer.

            What work does she do for NRA? Decline to answer.

            She have companies through which she operated? Decline.

            Heard of GS2? Decline. II and IS? Decline

            Seen bill from her to NRA? Decline.

            Is LaPierre aware of billing arrangement? Decline.

            How NRA pay her? Decline to answer

            Who negotiated her monthly fee? Decline. You? Decline. Invoices directed to treasurer? Decline.

            Who authorized her to make travel arrangements. Decline.

            Ever tell her how to bill? Decline.

            Know Lisa Suprenaugh? I do. Was my assistant.

            Did Stanford send invoices to her? Decline to answer.

            Pay her monthly fee? Decline.

            LaPierre was aware she was paid monthly? Decline.

            Stanford provide documentation? Decline.

            Ever seen one of her invoices? Decline.

            See this document? I do. Know what it is? Decline.

            Typical of her invoices? Decline.

            NRA had policy reviewing WLP travel expenses? Decline.

            Know David Stanton? Decline. Even if know him? I know David McKenzie. Producer? Yes. How long known, 25 yrs ago. Him producing events for NRA. Kind of events? Celebrity shooting event was big one. Shows? American Hunter, American adventurer. Crime strike.

            Met him socially? Decline to answer.

            Celebrity retreats? Decline

            Travel with him? Decline

            In his own? Decline

            Why does he use two names? Don’t know.

            LaPierre know McKenzie? Decline.

            LaPierre’s been on his yacht? Decline

            Have you read NRA bylaws? Decline

            Heard of MMP? Yes. Concord? Part of MMP. Allegiance Creative? Same. Who owns controlling interest? David or Laura or Staton Mckenzie. Laura is his wife. These business have same address as NRA HQ? Don’t know.

            Who is Gurnie Sloan? Runs MMP. Other firms? Don’t know.

            Ever been to HQ of any of them. Yes.

            Where did you go? In NRA HQ. They have lease with NRA? I presume so. How much they pay? Don’t know. All three in same officers? Don’t know.

            Describe visit. More than one visit. 3-4 times in a year. Not sure what you mean? Visit 2018? No. 2017? Maybe. How far back would it go? Can’t remember. They are a principal fundraiser for NRA. Yes.

            So offices in NRA HQ? Yes. Just for MMP or all three? Don’t know. Sign on door? No.

            How many people worked in office? Don’t know.

            Gurney Sloan worked there? Yes. NRA look at how much it paid them vs how much they raised? Decline to answer. Ever pay them above what required by a contact? Decline.

            WBB formed in connection plan to buy house for LaPierre? Decline.

            Why purchase contemplated? Decline.

            Look at document, ex. J. Seen before? Decline.

            That’s your signature? Decline.

            Says NRA will contribute 6.5 million, how arrive at terms? Decline.

            Last page, signature for NRA attention CFO, is member. Capital contributions for NRA? 6.5 million. 95% interest.

            DJ investments other member in WBB? It contributes $10 for 1%. Decline answer.

            What was purpose of agreement? Decline.

            Purpose, buying house for LaPierre? Decline.

            LaPierre testified Angus would buy as safe house for LaPierre. Accurate? Decline.

            Also he testified he canceled when he heard NRA would pay? Decline to answer.

            Ex. K, invoice from WBB to you. Ever seen? Decline.

            Did NRA pay? Decline.

            LaPierre deposition: Was check ever cashed? You know Woody, I don’t know how he did it, I was on road, but they convinced Woody. Is that accurate? Decline to answer.

            You issue a 70K check? Decline.

            NRA’s relation with AM? While treasurer? AM would send monthly invoices? Decline to answer.

            They’d be rec’d by your office? Decline.

            What expenses included in invoices? Decline.

            Why AM send invoice for out of pocket. Decline.

            What was purpose? Decline

            LaPierre aware of this arrangement? Decline.

            NRA have internal controls to ensure AM bills fair, accurate? Decline.

            Ever rejected? Decline.

            LaPierre aware of pass-thru? Decline.

            Compare review of AM bills? Decline.

            Significant part were travel and entertainment. Decline.

            NRA audits of AM billa? Decline.

            LaPierre intimately involved in AM work? Yes. He responsible? Yes

            His conversations with Angus verbal? Yes, ones that I know about. 

            Lapierre often give Angus instructions by telephone? Yes

            Aware of LaPierre rejecting any of AM invoices. Know there were some things not going to pay. Don’t remember details.

            Audit? Decline.

One thought on “Day six of hearings, Part four

  1. Well that cleared up a lot for me. Very enlightening.

    If you think corona virus is Scary, You should see what governments can do to UNARMED citizens!


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