Hit Piece On Col. West

The defenders of NRA’s corrupt leadership didn’t take long to react. Here is their first hit-piece. The critics are corruption “repeat unproven and spurious allegations about Wayne and then argue that regardless of all he’s done for the association we’d be better off if we just send him packing.” Unproven and spurious? They’ve been proven by LaPierre’s own testimony in the bankruptcy hearing, NRA’s own tax forms (one signed by LaPierre himself) and other solid documentation. LaPierre’s treasurer took the Fifth sixty times in court. LaPierre hired him for NRA after the man was caught embezzling a million from his past employer. In the NY lawsuit, LaPierre’s own Answer admits to a list of corrupt acts, and that his executive assistant was caught stealing $41,000 but kept her job.

Unproven and spurious? This is a powerful member of the board of directors writing. If you want to know why LaPierre is still head of the NRA, this tells you all you need to know.

Check out the blistering comments to the article.

4 thoughts on “Hit Piece On Col. West

  1. From the Ammoland article: “…No one is perfect. Wayne has sometimes trusted people who didn’t deserve that trust…”

    That feeling you get when you read something ridiculous.


  2. I have quit sending money to the NRA and will no longer do so under the board of directors is comprised of fifteen or twenty members and LaPierre is in the unemployment line. I’ve heard LaPierre speak on Second Amendment rights and he sounded absolutely ignorant of his subject and didn’t make any valid points. Wayne’s gotta go is my answer to any NRA emails I receive. Every member needs to adopt that tactics. If we take away the money Wayne and his cronies will leave on their own.


  3. The retort by Mr. Keene. Well, Sir I think you missed the point or did you? “Truth” over facts is getting old. The 2nd Amendment is not reliant on one man, or even one organization to defend it. Yes, citizens need to better grasp on their roll in the defense of their rights, but that is a conversation for a different thread. David, wake up, reality is inevitable…….


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