“Outside” Vendors

From AR-15.com comes a discovery: back in 2014, Wayne LaPierre filed papers to dissolve a Virginia corporation, Behavioral Projects, Inc, and earlier known as Election Systems, Inc. Two years earlier, Susan LaPierre dissolved a corporation known as Outdoor Marketing and Adventures, Inc. The first was created in 1987 and the other in 2004.


I checked with a board of directors “old timer,” and his memory was that the two companies had been NRA vendors back 20-25 years ago. Given their original names, Election Systems Inc. and Outdoor Marketing and Adventures, Inc., that would seem likely. If your company is looking to bill someone in the DC area involved in politics and outdoors sports, the answer is obvious.

NRA invoices from companies with those names would not arouse suspicion, if the treasurer Woody Phillips, who likely was steering money to his own accounts, ordered the bills paid. The firms had a high-price accountant, and of course you wouldn’t hire an accountant if the companies weren’t making money from somewhere.

4 thoughts on ““Outside” Vendors

  1. These shell corps seem like good money laundering vehicles for Clinton-style influence peddling, kickbacks & bribes from vendors & politicians.

    NRA has long given undeserved cash and in-kind donations such as A & B grades, endorsements, and Alert Cards to politicians with a record of anti-gun votes, who could not survive & prosper in pro-gun states without NRA cover.

    Legislative offices are worth tens of millions of dollars to the holders. Somehow nearly every idiot who goes into congress comes out a multimillionaire. Were those phony grades paid for?

    Unfortunately, many of the links are now dead.


  2. I have always felt that Wayne L. was a crook and I don’t have much good to say about his wife either. As long as he is associated with the NRA, they might as well stop calling me to rejoin them till he is long gone from their rolls.


  3. The NRA, guns and freedom are a religion to me; I will always revere them but when the oldest civil rights organization in America(1871) becomes corrupted and loses it’s way the time has arrived to purge and purify the malignancy. The great Harlon Carter said that.


  4. In case someone wants to look into it, FWIW 25 years later.

    While NRA’s DC building was shuttered & fire sold and the Herndon palace purchased, ‘Woody’ was porking one of the realtor babes. Can’t remember if it’s the same one who was related to an NRA big wheel (general counsel?).

    LaPew knew. Open secret. “Outside Vendors” aka realtors made bank both ways: On the fire sale, and on the purchase of the new palace.


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