NRA being used as a teaching tool

A professor teaching about nonprofit organizations is going to use the NRA as a teaching tool, a case study. She suggests the lessons to be learned are (1) no one running or overseeing a nonprofit should make a profit from it; (2) Its board should take fiduciary duties seriously; (3) nonprofit leaders should keep track of the finances; (4) Mind your mission! All the money spent on the legal battles could have been spent pushing the Second Amendment.

We’ve also been contacted by a law profession teaching commercial bankruptcy, who is using the NRA as a case study for his classes because its case illustrates ALL the mistakes you can make in one. Bad faith filing, leaders sending out press releases that undermine your case, being really obvious in trying to get jurisdiction, the risk of all the financial disclosures biting you in the butt, trying and failing to pack the creditors’ committee, and now having to pay the other side’s legal fees.

Becoming a teaching “case study” is like having a disease named for you. You are conscious of the honor, but really wish someone else got it.

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