Moving HQ to Texas, reason to doubt leadership’s sanity

The following went out to all NRA employees yesterday:

Not for Distribution

Dear Employees:

As we reported, the recent developments in our bankruptcy proceedings have no impact on our overarching goals or efforts to make the NRA more efficient in achieving its mission. As such, we will continue to analyze our business arrangements, cost structure, and operational demands.To that end, I am pleased to announce the formation of a special committee by President Carolyn Meadows to study issues relating to our proposed move to Texas – and to analyze the logistical requirements of those plans. First Vice President Charles Cotton will chair this committee. Second Vice President Willes Lee and board members David Coy, Joel Friedman, and Tom King will join Mr. Cotton on the committee. The following staff members will serve on a project team providing administrative resources:  Joe DeBergalis, John Frazer, Jason Ouimet, Sonya Rowling, Tyler Schropp, Vanessa Shahidi, Linda Crouch, and Jim Staples

Our first goal is to explore moving our principal place of business to Texas. This is an executive office from which we can manage aspects of our business. Texas is home to more than 400,000 NRA members – the #1 ranked state for NRA membership. It offers a fair regulatory environment and, a positive business climate, and celebrates the Second Amendment freedoms in which we believe. This move will affect a small number of employees.

The second part of our plan involves assessing a potential relocation of our headquarters. This is an endeavor that involves the review of the real estate market, impacts to staffing, and other strategic considerations.We have engaged a leading commercial real estate firm, Colliers International, to assist with this project and we will retain other advisory firms to assist with strategic considerations. Naturally, any major decisions regarding NRA real estate will be undertaken in coordination with the Board, subject to its full approval.Importantly, there are no immediate changes planned to our staffing or programs. Any changes to our organizational structure will be made in the best interests of our members, employees, and with responsibility to achieve our core mission:  protecting the Second Amendment. We will ensure our employees have an opportunity to participate in the continued progress of our great organization.You will hear more from this committee in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Vanessa with any questions. I have never been prouder of the NRA or our collective efforts to protect the freedoms in which we believe.


A physical move would have no effect on the NY Attorney General’s suit. NRA remains a NY corporation, now headquartered in Texas rather than Virginia. It’s now 1,200 miles from Capitol Hill rather than ten. NRA’s staff employment has already dropped from over 800 to about 500, and the remainder will probably be looking for new jobs rather than move 1,200 miles, and face their employer may be dissolved, and they unemployed, as soon as they move. Then the cost of physically relocating an entire HQ over that distance, selling the old building (the market for office buildings in Northern Virginia is lousy now) and buying a new one.

The new NRA was born at Cincinnati out of a leadership plan to relocate away from DC (to Colorado and NM). It’s time for another revolt, but most of the reforms that enabled that revolt have been repealed. The EVP and officers are no longer elected by members at the annual meeting, getting on the ballot by petition is impossible, the annual meeting of members has no real power.

Is the leadership consciously trying to destroy the organization? Every move they have made for years was the worst possible one available. Protect LaPierre even after evidence of wrongdoing is clear, purge Ollie North and any director who asked for an investigation, file for bankruptcy with no real plan, now blow millions to move HQ for no purpose.

7 thoughts on “Moving HQ to Texas, reason to doubt leadership’s sanity

  1. Only a few folks will have their relocations paid for. The other NRA employees will be left unemployed if they do not pay for their moves to the new location 1,200 away. It would be an effective — but brutal — way to accomplish staff turnover. It would be a way to wipe away almost all institutional memory.


  2. I’m a Patron level benefactor and two-time lawsuit plaintiff. I fear there is no way to right the course of this runaway organization.

    We are reliant on the board now and no help seems likely from that quarter.


  3. I have e-mailed a number of board members asking that they remove Wayne LaPierre. I heard back from one. Very condescending. I didn’t know what I was talking about and pretty much denied that there is a problem. How dare I be so presumptuous! The prospects are not good. We need a number of courageous board members who are willing to face reality head on. I’m sure that there are a few, but I don’t know if there are enough.


  4. To JF: The few who are decent, competent, and see what would have to be done are seriously outnumbered. The only thing a member can do these days is vote with $$. I am a life member. In the past, there have been at least two times when I’ve donated $1,000 in one donation — not dues, but donations that I imagined would be used for the good of the 2nd Amendment. I now feel like a fool, having helped to pay for the lifestyle of the “rich and famous” of Wayne’s World. My suggestion to anyone who sees the gross dishonesty that has happened at the NRA is not to give another dime and not to promote the NRA in even the slightest way. Do not go to the NRA annual meeting — even though it means missing the camaraderie of old friends. Just don’t spend a dime on anything associated with or affiliated with the NRA until/unless there are MASSIVE changes. Don’t even wear an NRA cap or pin. Obviously, WLP and all of his connected thieves at the top would have to go, and most of the current directors on the Board would have to go. I do not see any possibility that will happen.


  5. As long as Wayne L. is still associated with the NRA, I won’t be. Get rid of him and the sooner the better if you want to save the NRA. He is the biggest problem with the NRA right now. He’s pretty much by most people considered a crook who is pocketing a lot of money hs is not entitled to.


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