NRA declines to file brief in Supreme Court Second Amendment case

Just in — a Second Amendment attorney informs us that, in the upcoming Supreme Court case involving New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, challenging the New York “Sullivan Law,” and accepted by the Court, the NRA does not plan to file a “friend of the court” brief. It will be the first Second Amendment case since McDonald, eleven years ago, and all the pro-gun groups will be filing briefs. Second Amendment Foundation will be filing one through Chuck Cooper, the former Assistant Attorney General who was NRA’s Supreme Court attorney for decades, until he was purged for supporting resignation of Wayne LaPierre.

The Association has tens of millions to spend on legal fees, to keep a dozen or so lawsuits going, to file bankruptcy and fail, to sue NY and fail, but no money to defend the Second Amendment in the Supreme Court. Suppose it’s just a matter of priorities.

10 thoughts on “NRA declines to file brief in Supreme Court Second Amendment case

  1. All this fraud and poor inept legal council is why I will not renew my membership. How embarrassing to say I gave such support to criminals hacks.


  2. The only reason that I could imagine the NRA didn’t file an amicus brief is that NYSRPA is a NRA state affiliate. I still would have liked to see them file an amicus brief.


    1. The fact that NYSRPA is an NRA affiliate should have no bearing on whether or not they file an Amicus, it’s precedent for them to do just that. Without NRA backing their lawsuits, NYSRPA wouldn’t have reached SCOTUS via the NYS courts of appeals, etc in every suit they’ve brought. This suit is only one of many that didn’t reach the higher courts.


    2. Oh, I can think of a reason: pure vitriolic spite and hatred, in revenge for not lining up like good little boys and girls to buy WLP and Brewer more suits, booze, amd hookers.


      1. Kermit that makes no sense. Tom King of NYSRPA testified in the bankruptcy trial. Plus your reference to hookers is unfair. Never been any allegation of smut.


  3. This is exactly why I dropped my NRA Membership decades ago, after they fired Neal Knox… Bunch Politico Hacks…


  4. Too bad the Justice ‘Just Us’ Dept. took away from the People the ‘Court of Record’ in the 1930’s, by fraud. That would surely make them responsible to the People. Courts of Record always rule at Law (dejure) instead of defacto which is only proceeding in equity. At Law courts have a Jury of the Peers to decide. The BAR crtiminals have been at this since the founding of the country. That is why they left in 1776, they planned to be back with their lawyers to complete the slavery contract.


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