Startling Move in NY AG’s Case

UPDATE: David Codrea, posts at Ammoland on the filing. “If ultimately successful, this will preserve the NRA’s existence and install new leadership through an idea presented as speculation last August in this column.”

Here is the docket, most recent page. Click on entry #244, Frank Tait, who is running as write-in for the NRA Board, and Mario Aguirre, have moved to intervene, as members of the NRA and seeking to protect the members’ interests.

Requiring the Attorney General to give notice of this action to all NRA members in accordance with N-PCL § 1104.

Opposing the Attorney General’s demand for dissolution.

Supporting removal of the individual defendants from their positions if the Attorney General’s claims are proven, and showing that the NRA can continue its core missions, programs and advocacy with new leadership.

Preserving their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of association with the NRA as well as the tangible value of their memberships which the Attorney General’s demand for dissolution would obviously destroy.

Pursuing recovery of all misspent NRA funds, including any legal fees or other third-party payments found to be excessive or not properly authorized. The Attorney General has made no derivative or other claims for any such payments.

Retention by the NRA of all sums recovered for the use and benefit of its members to continue the NRA’s programs and advocacy rather than being paid out to others in dissolution.

7. The assurance of conflict-free representation for the NRA in this action.”

The motion says that, if granted, they will move to disqualify Brewer from representing the NRA due to his conflicts of interest. He represented Wayne LaPierre personally in the recent past, and it may be (or clearly is) in NRA’s interest, as an organization, to throw him personally under the bus. Brewer obviously cannot make that argument or even think seriously about it, yet he is representing NRA and supposedly looking out for its best interests.

6 thoughts on “Startling Move in NY AG’s Case

  1. I don’t know most of those on the ballot. The ones that I did know before quit.
    I know THREE people on the ballot, Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms, Dean Cain the Actor and Kim Rhode, Olympic Gold Medalist.


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