More Thoughts on the Ballot Issue

[Update: there are two honest people running by write in, I thought there was only one. Here is a page at Only Guns and Money giving instructions on how to fill out your ballot. Note in the comments below there is one correction to the spelling, which we want to be precise].

The first noticeable thing is — there’s not a single candidate running by petition. Every single name you see was chosen by the Nominating Committee. The combination of the bylaws change a few years ago, which took the petition signature requirement from 150 to somewhere over 500, and the Covid thing which closed gun shows where signatures could be collected, wiped out nomination by petition, at least for this year.

The other thing — opposite the Nominating Committee report is “Board Backs NRA’s Texas Reorganization Filing.” A long reprint of the board’s March 28 resolution retroactively endorsing the bankruptcy case. The resolution is half a page of fine print, and uses the word “bankruptcy” only once. At the special board meeting, by pre-arrangement, a motion to have a recorded vote (which under the bylaws must be reprinted in the official publication) was made and succeeded. This was obviously planned as the first announcement. Ironic that it appears shortly after the bankruptcy filing went down in flames. Karma can be a real bitch sometimes.

This is also the first acknowledgment in the official. pubs that NRA has had even teensy problem or two. It’s had huge ones for over two years, and all have gotten not a word. There are probably millions of members reading that resolution and wondering “what in hades is going on? Why is NRA filing bankruptcy? Why, after 150 years, is it suddenly important to ‘relocate’ to Texas? What’s this ‘Sea Girt’ company? Why does the resolution name the law firms NRA is going to use?” Yes, Karma can be brutal at times.

Update, here is the vote on retroactively approving the bankruptcy.

3 thoughts on “More Thoughts on the Ballot Issue

  1. Which directors voted present or nay on the motion to retroactively approve the bankruptcy? (Not just those running this year)? Thanks


  2. Thanks for the link to my blog. I just noticed that I misspelled Boerne, TX which is the home of R. B. Rocky Marshall, Jr. I put a U where it should have been an E. Too much reading Robert Ludlum, I guess.


  3. Oh, to have an organization that simply fought for and defended the rights of members, and served as a trusted educator, without also producing the gun world’s longest running soap opera.


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