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Burst of Subpoenas in Suit to Dissolve NRA

The Attorney General has asked the court to issue subpoenas for documents to a number of businesses, most of which have a business address at the NRA headquarters, or its nearby building, on Waples Mill Road in Fairfax. The businesses are: Allegiance Creative Group, ASPIS Protection Services, Concord Social and Public Relations LLC, Member Marketing Partners, Inc., Membership Marketing Partners, LLC, Spector Security Group, LLC, and TBK Strategies LLC.

The documents sought are all contracts between NRA and the entities, all communications relating to the services they performed and the cost, all officers of the same, any lease contracts between NRA and the entities, and other data.

The subpoenas also ask about Fairview Group, LLC, and. PM Consulting, Questions are raised about property located at 5630 Valley Oak Dr. in Los Angeles. That may be the property that NRA paid $1.8 million to lease from that McKenzie person who gave LaPierre the use of his yacht in the Bahamas, and who also owns some of the businesses named in the subpoena.

An educated guess would be that the Attorney General’s people think they just hit the mother lode of financial scandals here. Mysterious NRA vendors with offices in the NRA headquarters building, draining millions from the organization, offering the use of yachts (and perhaps offering a lot more) to the organization’s leadership.

One thought on “Burst of Subpoenas in Suit to Dissolve NRA

  1. Our “leadership”, as well as many of the directors, have failed the membership.
    These kinds of ethical violations explain why the board and executive officers are pretending that a wall of silent unity behind a corrupt leader can hide what they have done to our (once) great NRA.
    The corruption of the swamp knows no political boundaries.


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