NRA Nominating Committee

Only Guns and Money has the report, these are the “approved” candidates for the 2022 election. That means they told the Committee that they were blindly committed to Wayne LaPierre and not inclined to making a stink about graft and corruption.

The only good news is that they finally dropped Karl Malone, who hadn’t showed up for a single board meeting in all the years that he’s been on the board. They also dropped Bart Skelton, one of the few surviving honest directors, and Allen West, another “not a friend of Wayne.” Plus replacing Esther Schneider and Pete Brownell, who resigned. In their place are a lot of unknowns and Andrea Cerwinske, who was Kayne Robinson’s “girl Friday” when he was NRA president, and whom the blog says was later special assistant to Wayne LaPierre.

The members will be presented with 30 “Friends of Wayne,” and can pick 25 of them.

2 thoughts on “NRA Nominating Committee

  1. It’s not worth the price of a postage stamp. I have been a life member for many years. But now? Well, now I’m done with the NRA.


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