Nominating Committee Actions

We’ve received reports that the Nominating Committee rejected not only Frank Tait, Rocky Marshall and Judge Journey, but also Graham Hill, an intelligent director who’d been on the board for about ten years. Hill is a first-rate attorney with knowledge of government and political issues. He’s served as chairman of Legislative Policy Committee, and vice-chair of Legal Affairs, so he was an important part of the board.

He’s also honest and dedicated to the gun rights cause — which may have been his problem with the Nominating Committee.

We can’t help but wonder if NRA’s leadership isn’t out to eliminate the attorneys from the board? Maybe they don’t want people with legal knowledge serving, they might ask the wrong type of questions, like why are we spending fortunes on law firms that lose time after time after time? The leadership is unhappy with its board of directors, and wants to get a new one? The board doesn’t seem to object.

UPDATE: Word is that Hill was purged because he took his duties as a director seriously. Rather than taking the “official” (i.e., the Brewer and NRA “leadership” assurances that is all going well, legally), he insisted upon being allowed to read transcripts of the testimony of NRA leadership and see how things are really going. A director who is a lawyer and wants to verify the Official Line and see if he’s being lied to, was more than Brewer and the NRA “leadership” could tolerate. Which tells us all we need to know about whether the Official Line is true or not.

We’re also informed that he was chair of the Disabled Shooting Sports Committee, and carrying more than the usual load of other committee assignments. But a person’s usefulness to the Second Amendment, shooting, and the NRA doesn’t matter if he’s dangerously honest. The board is willing to see the ship sink, so long as LaPierre and Brewer remain at the helm.

3 thoughts on “Nominating Committee Actions

  1. Graham and I happened to sit at the same table at a snack bar on the NRA show floor in Houston, and had a cordial conversation… Maybe someone saw us.


  2. The Board (approved by Wayne) is guilty and culpable of Maleficence for at least the last four years. Until they are held accountable nothing will change. Someone needs to it hurt criminally.


  3. Well, they do want to keep one certain lawyer, who has been protecting them for decades.

    How’s that working out for you, Cotton?


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