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Given All The Corruption, This Is Small Change, But . . .

NRA’s IRS 990 for 2020. The highest NRA officials were leasing vehicles and charging them to NRA. (Probably not keeping track of business vs. personal mileage, as the IRS requires.) Not only that, but at the end of the lease, when you can buy at a favorable price, they were doing just that, and reselling them (so they could lease another and bill NRA), and pocketing the cash.

This is chump change, in light of all the other financial misconduct, but it makes us wonder. It’s like an executive with a million-dollar salary swiping the toilet paper from the bathrooms and emptying the petty cash containers after work. At the highest levels of NRA management, was the culture of corruption so pervasive that it became a habit? Even their cars had to be billed to the members, and then they had to swipe their value after the lease ended, too?

5 thoughts on “Given All The Corruption, This Is Small Change, But . . .

  1. Disgusting. Your description of the theft is excellent. How those men have the guts to show up at the NRA and attempt to supervise anyone is stunning. Frazer and LaPierre, of course, are still there — two overpaid and dishonest thieves. Phillips? Gone. Stole from the NRA while there. When he finally retired, he was paid a huge payoff every year just to keep quiet. They weren’t alone. When Kayne Robinson worked at headquarters, he would pay for his lunches from the NRA cafeteria with an NRA credit card, a credit card that the NRA paid every month. One reason the NRA is such a disaster is that so many board members became entirely used to their kickbacks and thefts.

    They ALL should go. It is too shameful to fix. The biggest victims are the life and above members and the long-term annual members. We were conned and lied to. I have seen lots and lots of info on the theft and graft, but this is the final straw that has me turn on every board member who has not been shouting from the rooftops about this theft. My message to all of them is that they can go to hell.

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  2. Think of all the NRA members over the years, WLP and Wife, who’ve faithfully contacted their congress and legislative members at your request, and dug into their pockets time and time again at your pleading. Is this true? Come out and challenge this as well, sir and ma’am, because the rank and file, the foot soldiers who are the NRA, want to hear your side of things.

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  3. To J R who commented above: It’s true. It’s all true. But your words suggest that you are ignoring the thief John Frazer. How he has managed to get most people to ignore his gross theft, his massive dishonestly, his corruption is beyond me. The man is a lawyer, a member of the Virginia Bar. Yes, he had almost zero experience when he was hired as the top in-house lawyer for the NRA, but his lack of experience does not give him a pass. He may be a dumb lawyer, but he is smart enough to have understood that he was being paid so darned much to go along with the dishonesty and to help cover it up. Frazer should be disbarred and convicted of his various crimes.

    Yes, WLP and Wife (as you call them) are thieves and deserve prison time, but everyone knows their names. Frazer has been allowed to skate in the shadows. He deserves to have a bar complaint filed against him, and various prosecutors should go after him. Even as dumb as Frazer is, he has known that he has been participating in lots of dishonesty and deception.


  4. And the hits just keep on coming!! Millionaires with free cars. While I was sending money every month and driving a 2007 vehicle?!?🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
    Swindlers. They are swindlers.

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  5. When my father was Executive Director of NRA-ILA from 1978 to 1982, he had a company car. It was a Mercury Cougar, a few years old. He also had an NRA credit card. At that time, there were still some full-service gas stations that would pump the gas for you and check your oil — and charge you more for the gas. Dad always shopped for the lowest priced gas along his commuter route, and pumped it himself. He had a little micro-cassette recorder that he would use for dictating letters during his drive.
    His salary peaked at about $60k, equivalent to around $180k today.
    NRA executive salaries started going up in the mid-’80s when Harlon Carter demanded a raise from around $80k to $150k. I think part of that was to get the salary up to an amount to satisfy G. Ray Arnett, who they had picked for Carter’s replacement. But the salaries didn’t get really crazy until after 1997, when they pushed Dad out of the 1st Vice President chair, in favor of Charlton Heston. Wayne’s compensation went from around $200k to over $800k in just a few years.


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