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Steve Hart Testimony

Hart was “attorney to the NRA board” for 11 years, until he was suspended by LaPierre (not by the board, his client) and he resigned. Here is his deposition testimony. (Note that large portions are blanked out). High points:

There were proposals to move the NRA legally to Texas, and to clean things up first so the NY Attorney General couldn’t block it. (p. 134-154). NRA created a Lexington and Concord company as part of this. (p. 55-56).

LaPierre controls the Nominating Committee (p. 61) so he controls the board which in turn elects him.

After Oliver North created a “crisis committee” to react to all the scandals that were being revealed, attorney Bill Brewer opposed the creation of the committee. (p. 106-107).

Brewer stopped talking to Hart when Hart raised questions about Brewer’s legal bills to NRA. (p. 110-111).

Although LaPierre claimed that he didn’t know North was employed by Ackerman McQueen, hinting that North was AM’s secret tool. Actually, the contract was negotiated in a long meeting where LaPierre and Millie Hallow were present. (p. 126-134). LaPierre had no objection to the employment contract. (p. 142).

He knew of the bad blood between Bill Brewer and Angus McQueen. “you know, Angus had an ability to talk you to death. But you only had to say Bill Brewer and he’d start stuttering and leave the room.” (p. 215).

On Brewer (remember this is the board’s attorney speaking), he sent an email: “Professionally, what is happening under Brewer’s mind control games will destroy the NRA.” Hart adds, “Hindsight will show that instead of resolving it quietly, we created a road map for the New York AG.” (p. 254-255).

He’s asked who Danny Hakim is, and answers “He is one of Brewer’s best contacts in the media world.” “Brewer works with him on all different sorts of stories, you know. He is a source; Brewer is a source for Hakim regularly and he feels like he can get Hakim to write positive stories from time to time.” (p. 277).

Brewer’s law firm has a PR division, and the firm took over NRA’s PR, “seizing control of the entire messaging under the theory that, you know, litigation strategy was trumping everything and we had to be careful what we said about the second amendment generally.” (p. 284).

The letters signed by Oliver North and Richard Childress, demanding an audit of the Brewer billings, “came out of a large meeting of board members.” (p. 289).

Hart concluded early on that Brewer’s lawsuit against Ackerman was dangerous. “You know it is not going to go well. And it is going to bring information to light that is going to lead to a New York AG investigation with 100 percent certainty. So, I was pretty unhappy.” He expressed that to some directors, and figured he’d probably be terminated for it. (p. 300).

 He received a letter from LaPierre saying he was suspended as the board’s attorney. Asked if he was expected that, “Oh man, somewhat, yeah. Because I had been opposing Bill Brewer. I mean Bill was taking me out.”

“Q. So, it is your view that Bill Brewer orchestrated your removal?
A. Yes.
Q. Because you questioned his legal fees?
A. Yeah.” (p. 314-315).

Josh Powell told him that Brewer’s hold on LaPierre was that Brewer had told LaPierre that he was “going to keep Wayne out of jail.” (p. 343).

Claims that he was involved in some sort of conspiracy: “There was a coordinated effort to try to deal with Bill Brewer, this has been reconstructed as a conspiracy against Wayne.” (p. 395). Rumors were spread that he was leaking things to the press: “It is completely false.” (p. 401). He has an email from a reporter apologizing for showing up at his house — he made her leave. (p. 402-403).

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