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NRA’s Revenues As A Chart

Here it is. The charting software used only depicts the top of the chart. NRA revenues always go up in an election year, and highest of all in a presidential election year. 2016 was great, nearly $367 million. 2018 was good, $352 million. After 2018, the bottom drops out of the bucket. look at 2020, $282 million, and the projected 2022, $208 million (previous posts have explained the projection). The trend is invariably down after 2018. If anything, it seems to be increasing in speed.

Ask yourself: what happened in 2019? How long can the board pretend that it didn’t happen? When NRA’s ability to borrow runs out, probably in 2023, the organization will collapse.

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3 thoughts on “NRA’s Revenues As A Chart

  1. What a damned shame! Because with ‘Bruen’ and the subsequent emergency and urgent actions by all the aunty-antis throughout our land, we sure could’ve used our Big Player in these arenas.
    ‘2A’ will survive and thrive without them though, if they do break up and fall further.
    Thank you. Looking forward to more posts here.

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