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As If NRA Didn’t Have Enough Legal Expenses

‘We’ve often commented on NRA’s suicidal legal expenses. In 2022, we estimated them at $60 million, nearly one-third of NRA’s total revenues. NRA’s 2023 budget, we’ve pointed out, was wishful thinking. It assumes with no basis that legal expenses will fall, and revenues rise in 2023. Neither will be true.

Of course there is the NY Attorney General’s lawsuit, where NRA is being bill, not only by its own team of lawyers, but by the two legal teams representing LaPierre and Frazier as well. That case will go to trial over the summer or perhaps the fall, and NRA’s legal costs will then go through the roof. Three legal teams, ten or so attorneys, working full time and overtime, for weeks or months.

In the past few weeks, though, NRA has also appealed through the NY courts the judge’s ruling striking some of its claims, and filed a U.S. Supreme Court appeal from the dismissal of its federal lawsuit against NY. As we’ve been pointing out, the legal expenses are already disastrous. NRA is spending tens of millions that it simply doesn’t have, and is rapidly approaching going insolvent. As we pointed out previously, NRA is surviving only by borrowing on its line of credit, which is secured by a mortgage on HQ, and sometime soon, that will be maxed out and the question will become “how do we make payroll?”

Either that, or some unpaid vendors will push for involuntary NRA bankruptcy. The court will liquidate its assets, starting with the Whittington Center, and use those to pay its debts.

5 thoughts on “As If NRA Didn’t Have Enough Legal Expenses

  1. Wayne and the Board of Directors will have the distinction of running one of the nation’s oldest – and most important – civil rights organizations into the ground. What a legacy….

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  2. N.Y. Court in Manhattan has held that the NRA will not be dissolved. Dissolution would be unfair to innocent NRA members.

    To save the NRA the board must exercise the courage to remove NRA’s present lethargic leadership. Spending a total of about $80 million on legal fees and expenses is unsustainable. NRA is destroying itself from within.

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    1. “To save the NRA the board must exercise the courage to remove NRA’s present lethargic leadership. ”

      You mean the handpicked lap dogs on the board? In a perfect world yes, they would; but they have the spines of jellyfish. The only hope is the judge in NY removing the officers and the board. Giving the membership one last chance to elect an honest board and leadership. If that happens, their first order of business should be to claw back as much money from Wayne, Brewer and their cronies as the judge will allow. It is the only hope the NRA has.

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  3. The level of incompetence exercised by all involved with this fiasco is simply staggering. I truly am sorry to see this, but I fully expect to see jail terms for several NRA leaders after things are shaken out. Some of them may have already left, however you can run but you cannot hide.

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  4. NRA’s First Amendment suit against New York is valid and worth pursuing to the Supreme Court, though they desperately need a different law firm leading that charge. All of their other expenses involving the Brewer firm are just money pits. The corrupt and complicit “leadership” can’t afford for the truth to come out, so they have bolted the doors and pulled up the draw-bridge, in hopes of a miracle, while spending all of the Association’s resources in a vain attempt to cover their tails and postpone the inevitable. It’s a travesty and it’s truly painful to watch.

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