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Confirmation of Plans To Move NRA HQ

NRA employees received an email today:

“The NRA has long considered a move of its headquarters — and has been working to identify a new location that allows us to enhance our advocacy and national platform, recognize operational efficiencies, and become an even stronger organization. Assuming we find such a location and favorable opportunity to sell the HQ, we will present such plans to the Board of Directors for approval. I want you to be aware of these ongoing developments.

“Naturally, there will be no impacts to staffing, our programs, or our Second Amendment advocacy as we explore this opportunity and many others.”

This is insanity. At a time when NRA is on the verge of going insolvent, its “leadership” is contemplating moving an enormous HQ to Texas. Its EVP is telling 500 or so employees “there will be no impacts to staffing,” when anyone who wants to keep their (insecure, you can be fired at any time, for no reason) jobs will have to sell their house in a weakening market and move 800 miles. We doubt if 10% of staff would do that, so NRA would face an almost complete turn-over of its personnel. Does the “leadership” mean to destroy the organization?

The fact that this email went out hints that the move is not far in the future, either.

11 thoughts on “Confirmation of Plans To Move NRA HQ

  1. For many northern Virginia members – this also means the indoor NRA Range will be a thing of the past. Other area ranges have closed and many youth programs will come to a screaming halt without a range.

    The last time NRA considered a move out of the DC area, away from the national powerhouse of politics, the membership rose up in protest. That was back in 1977 and this time, I don’t see that happening…

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  2. We all know not all NRA employees live in the DC area and those that do should not be surprised of this action as its been discussed for a long time. I have worked with the Rep. in ID for a couple decades as well as many in WA.
    I do not wish the NRA range to close but life is not perfect, we roll with the waves. Just think what can be done in a friendly environment!


  3. So, instead of being where the national action in Congress is, NRA HQ wants to cut and run instead of kicking out WLP, Does this have to happen to move the non-profit status from NY to TX? Which gun rights org or orgs will take up the slack of national presence (does this mean ILA is being spun off? That they get their own HQ in the DC Metro area?
    I can’t wait to start giving to ILA again, so hurry up NRA and other Freedom Patriots in kicking WLP, et. al. to the curb!) Obviously I don’t know squat, so thank you again NRAInDanger. I’m worried there will be a drastic reduction in Congressional lobbying. Hopefully that’s not the case.


  4. “Does the “leadership” mean to destroy the organization?”

    It certainly seems so. I can’t think of anything a dedicated enemy would do differently at this point.

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  5. Every state requires a non-profit corporation to be managed by a board of directors that obeys the corporation’s articles of incorporation and bylaws, that acts as a fiduciary, that will not waste corporate assets, and that will remove directors and officers who do not fulfill their duties. During the bankruptcy hearing NRA’s former treasurer invoked the 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. That created an adverse inference. Evidence surfaced at the bankruptcy hearing and during depositions that NRA is mismanaged. It is no surprise that the NY Attorney General’s complaint and amended complaint are filled with examples of misconduct by the board and officers. Such misconduct will not be tolerated in any state.

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  6. The headline should read “We’re running out of money so we have to sell the house”.

    Also what better way to reduce staff and “loose” records than moving everything to TX.

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  7. tis a shame to put the thought out there w/o any viable answers to numerous that comes to majority’s mind…museum, range, personnel and their issues of relocation paid by the organization etc., etc., etc…

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  8. If I’m not mistaken…TX has immunity for executives from prosecution of another state. Not a lawyer so not positive. It’s also closer to the law firms hq…


  9. Bass Pro has real estate in Texas. Suppose Bass Pro has offered the NRA thieves free office space for the few who will be left after the move, in exchange for the NRA thieves moving the gun museum to a Bass Pro site? People could drool over the cool guns and then go next door to buy some. Like having a candy museum next to a candy store.

    With the move, there will be a massive loss of employees. Most won’t make the move for a job that is at-will employment, with a business whose business model is to grossly overpay thieves at the top and keep conning fools to give money to pay Brewer, whose job is to protect LaPierre and Frazier from being jailed. Thus, there won’t be many employees — which means that they could continue making payroll.

    Real question is WHY is this case in New York being slow-walked so slowly that the case is not helping to save the NRA? Everyone with half a brain knows the only hope for the NRA members is to eliminate (ah, what a word!) LaPierre and Frazier instantly, and to replace 3/4 of the directors on the board ASAP. Everyone babbles about Letitia James, but this case of New York v. NRA is being handled by James Sheehan. He’s head of the Charities Bureau at New York State Department of Law. He’s out of Harvard Law (JD 1977) and has a looooooooooooooooong history and reputation of being honest. The man’s about 70. Surely he does not want to retire with this still an open case. And the judge? He is dishonest? The ONLY reason for slow-walking this case is to let Brewer/LaPierre continue bleeding the NRA dry. Is that what the judge wants? And, let’s be real: Brewer himself is the one getting the most $$ out of this. Brewer doesn’t want the NRA saved. The man is anti-RKBA and donates heavily to U.S. Senate candidates who vote against the RKBA. He’s a conman and an unscrupulous lawyer, and everyone knows that.

    And David Coy and Charles Cotton? Oh, boy, those two men should also be in prison. For 20 years they were on the Audit Committee and saw all this happen. Cotton? Who knows if he understood. He’s a lawyer, and lawyers go to law school because they’re rotten at math. But Coy? That man spent his life as a professor of accounting at a small but decent college. Accounting. Coy knew what was going on. No doubt about that.

    Me? Life member for decades. Used to plan my year around the NRA annual meeting. Have not given a dime to any NRA anything since the story blew open at the NRA meeting in Indianapolis in 2019. Won’t give another dime to the NRA, and sure as heck won’t be at another NRA annual meeting. The NRA has become a sad embarrassment.

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