2019 NRA Form 990 Tax Return

Nonprofits file a 990 tax return with the IRS. The 2019 is the latest one publicly available for NRA. Two disclosures on it are astonishing and something the NY Attorney General will likely use against NRA, as further proof that the board of directors are sheep unable to face Wayne LaPIerre’s clique.

In it (1) LaPierre admits that he received $299,000 in “excess benefits.” That’s a tax term, can mean just he was overpaid. But the return explains these were the travel expenses he improperly billed to NRA, meaning all the vacation travel. This he repaid. The NY Attorney General will probably argue that this is more like “embezzlement” than being overpaid. And (2) the 990 also shows that (in addition to his $1.2 million salary, the board voted him a $455,000 bonus! The NY Attorney General will be able to argue that he got caught in embezzlement, and the board not only didn’t punish or investigate, they handed him a nearly half-million bonus from the nonprofit’s funds! That’s about 10,000 annual members’ dues for the year.

5 thoughts on “2019 NRA Form 990 Tax Return

  1. Whoops. At this point ALL of the controlling CLIQUE (BOTH the VOTING Board members and INFLUENCING Executive Council members) appear clearly to be knowing parts of the scam. BOTH need to be removed permanently from any power within the NRA. They can all be reverted to mere “voting” members.


  2. Was Saint Ollie double dipping? $1 million through AcMc AND $986,000 directly from NRA?

    Lucky LaPierre got a half-million-dollar bonus for destroying the NRA! SWEET!


  3. You can accuse St.Ollie of double dipping, but you can not blame him for the NRA ‘s destruction. Wayne LaPuke and his cabal have been working very hard to destroy the NRA for two decades.


    1. LaPuke got St Ollie a job feeding at the membership’s neck with the rest of the vampires. Super-patriot Ollie needs $1-2 million a year to do the right thing? Please. He only became ‘concerned’ when his & St Angus’s gig was threatened by St Angus’s son in law, who St Angus embedded with LaPuke under a mistaken belief in honor among thieves. With the exception of less than a handful of directors the entire board was in the cabal including St Ollie.

      St Ollie & AcMc are now effectively working with the NY AG to finish NRA off.


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