NRA Board Elections 2022

Here are the results. It’s obvious that, even after three years, the situation is being successfully hidden from the membership. Of the directors who were deeply involved in it, Marion Hammer comes in No. 3, and Willes Lee at No. 13. The passing of Rep. Don Young and the resignation of Todd Rather mean that 27 candidates got seats, leaving two “also rans,” eligible to run for the 76th director post at the annual meeting. Thay are reformer Frank Tait, and Isaac Demarest, an unknown, at least to us. Looking up his bio in the ballot issue, he seems a nonentity whose bio begins by thanking the Nominating Committee for nominating him; he’s a financial planner who worked with (unlisted and presumably non-gun) nonprofits. That’s it.

Count on it, the corrupt powers will be pushing this Demarest at the annual meeting. Keeping Tait off the board will be a high priority; there must not be even a single director who is willing to speak out.

Speaking of which, Only Guns and Money has a post on how Wayne’s handlers spend NRA money on “volunteers” to stump the members to vote for the chosen 76th director. “That episode described how Payne worked as a special assistant to Wayne LaPierre and how he was responsible for organizing the campaign to elect the Wayne-selected candidate for 76th Director. Monies from NRA dues were used to pay the travel and lodging expenses of “volunteers” to campaign for the candidate. I personally saw them in action at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas where they pushed Herb Lankford and in Tucson where they pushed Jim Wallace. Both succeeded against reform candidates.”

From the comments to that post: “I knew that crooked Wayne and company, which I shall refer to merely as WLP, actively campaigned against anyone who dared to try and upset the financial applecart that they had set up. I had not considered that of course they would use my money to ferry the people from throughout the vastness of the United States to the annual meetings in order to lobby members to vote against reform candidates to the board.”

Update: We looked at the election report for the 2019 election — that is, a three year term ago. It is sad to see the names that aren’t on the 2022 list, due to resignations or having been purged. To take the most significant ones: Col. Oliver North, Col. Allen West, Susan Howard, Pete Brownell, Esther Schneider, Richard Childress, Bart Skelton. Almost a third of the group gone, and those the most knowledgable about running an organization.

4 thoughts on “NRA Board Elections 2022

  1. I received an email from NRA-ILA over the weekend looking for donations to fight for gun rights in the November election. I guess they still have totally clueless members. I hit the delete button. Wayne has enough suits, private jet air miles and homes.

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  2. Only Guns and Money’s previous posting was on the election results, and I can’t do better than copy the first comment from a “Sailercurt” on them:

    I’m a little confused as to why everyone I’ve seen comment on this seems to imply that the results are legitimate, can be trusted and are just confusing.

    The NRA is corrupt from the top down. OF COURSE the guy who has been the most vocal proponent of bringing the WLP gravy train to an end didn’t get the votes expected.

    It’s not the voters who decide an election, it’s the vote counters.


    1. Just like the 2020 election, traitors and gangsters.
      Got my first Junior Membership in 1954, 68 year member.
      I am embarrassed and disappointed with how these Quislings have corrupted
      the purity of the “National Rifle Association.”
      Fred E Etheridge


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