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Deposition Of John Frazer, Part Two

This is the second part of his deposition. Mostly boring, with answers of “I don’t know,” but significant parts:

P. 529 and following: NRA paid to fly director Jim Porter to Argentina and Italy (with a suggestion he flew first-class), and also NRA Foundation top dog Wayne Sheets to Argentina, to solicit a donor during bird-hunting season down there. It also paid to fly director Joel Friedman to Las Vegas, probably for the SHOT show.

P. 543 and following: NRA paid Associated Television International (owned by David McKenzie) to produce “Crime Strike,” starring LaPierre, and paid for rental of McKenzie’s house to film. (Our memory is that the amount paid was exorbitant, but that is not discussed).

P. 605 and following: long segment centering on “When Ackerman McQueen paid someone and billed it to NRA, how did you know it was for a business purpose,” and answers of “I don’t know.”

P. 618: how about dinners at Landini’s (an expensive restaurant in Alexandria, VA)? Answer: we looked at bills for Josh Powell, Chris Cox, and Millie Hallow. The first two are of course people LaPierre wanted to get even with. It suggests a lot of the NRA brass dined there and billed it to the NRA account.

P. 622: discussion of NRA payments to several directors.

P. 692 and following: NRA contributions to “Youth For Tomorrow,” an organization where Susan LaPierre sat on the board.

Here’s Part Three. Major points:

P. 812 and following: NRA paid for Susan LaPierre’s favorite hairdresser to be flown in to do her hair.

P. 875 and following, discussion of Associated Television International, owned by David McKenzie.

P. 883: NRA paid $1.8 million to rent a house owned by McKenzie, for filming “Crime Strike,” the video series that almost no one has ever seen.

P. 933 and following: NRA was paying MMP, owned by McKenzie, $400,000 per month, then that was increased to $10 million a year (doubling it) on a verbal agreement with Woody Phillips.

P. 948: NRA also paid Allegiance, another firm owned by McKenzie, $775,000 a month. The last two contracts alone meant that McKenzie’s firms were making upwards of $1.5 million a month from NRA. McKenzie is the person who let the LaPierres and Woody Phillips stay on his yacht in the Caribbean.

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