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NRA Firearms Donations

Also from the recent Finance Committee proceedings:

A motion cites the policy established by the board in 1989, “MOVED, that all firearms received through bequests, donations and other means be reviewed by the NRA Gun Collectors Committee to determine items suitable for museum accession or deaccession. Furthermore, that after such review all firearms deemed in excess or suitable for deaccession may be sold or disposed of after consultation with the Finance Committee in a manner best serving the interests of the National Rifle Association, with such funds received from the disposition to be earmarked for museum purposes.” Note that the EVP is not involved; the Museum deals directly with two board committees.

The Finance Committee moved to repeal that policy and replace it:

Two major changes. First, the board abdicates all responsibility for oversight. The 1989 policy had the Gun Collectors Committee and the Finance Committee overseeing the choice of the firearms to be sold off, and the uses of the proceeds. That’s now gone, the board steps out of the picture, and EVP LaPierre (who wouldn’t know a Holland & Holland from a Glock 19, but knows he needs $$$) is the sole decision maker, with no board oversight.

Second, instead of the proceeds being earmarked for the National Firearm Museum, the EVP can use the proceeds anywhere (including paying the mounting legal fees, including his own).

We’ve written before about concerns the Museum was being looted. Now, the board has endorsed the looting and legalized it.

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7 thoughts on “NRA Firearms Donations

  1. This really should not come as a surprise….given the dwindling influx of funds.

    There’s little doubt in my mind that in the ensuing months, WLP is going to liquidate everything from paperclips to toilet paper and roll it over into payouts to his defense attorneys.

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  2. An amazing collection in a museum open to the public, built up over the decades from generous members and friends is now has its fate in the hands of one man. While some museums do deaccession excess material after careful review, the American Alliance of Museums requires that any proceeds be used by the museum to benefit the collection and not to pay for electrical bills or lawyer fees.

    The Las Vegas Antique Arms Show is going on today and over this weekend. Many donations came to the NRA Museum from exhibitors and guests there. Future potential donors should carefully weigh what may happen to their gifts. A museum is not a checkbook.

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  3. This irks me to no end. I don’t think I’ll ever get to the VA NRA Museum (I’m thinking the Whittington Center has a museum?), but this takes history away from any visitors, gun aficionados who want to enjoy what could have been available.
    I’m practically a nobody moneywise. But would NRA Benefactors, firearms industry’s major players put extreme pressure on the NRA BoD, and shift their ad dollars and donations away from the NRA to “force a vote”? Or is the NRA “too big to fail”?

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    1. Whittington has a museum. 2700 square feet. Pretty small. They (Whittington) are raising money currently to expand their museum to big larger.

      The Frank Brownell Museum of the Southwest is embarking on a $2.6 million expansion campaign that will increase the size of the current museum from 2,750 sq. feet to more than 11,230 sq. feet, add state-of-the art exhibit space, include a restoration workshop, and expand collections and educational programs.

      I was under the impression that Whittington was outside WLP reach, however I could be wrong. I sent them some money as I want a museum somewhere.

      I have been blessed to attend the Whittington center and hope it survives all this mess.


  4. Donated firearms should be returned to the person or family of the person that donated the item. The idea that the museum could be liquidated to pay for WLP’s ineptitude and greed is galling.


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